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Welcome to TJs Tractor Service. Professional repairs at affordable prices.

Welcome to TJs Tractor Service. Professional repairs at affordable prices.

Welcome to TJs Tractor Service. Professional repairs at affordable prices. Welcome to TJs Tractor Service. Professional repairs at affordable prices. Welcome to TJs Tractor Service. Professional repairs at affordable prices.




TJs Tractor was originally created in 2008 as a way for people with all brands of equipment to  have one place to call for help. I (TJ) was working for a local John Deere dealer at the time.  I had been to school and earned my John Deere Master Technician Certification and graduated in 2005. In 2015 I left mainstream work and  made the business full time in order to provide quality work for common sense prices.   Today TJs Tractor Service has become a staple in the Vancouver\Portland area.

Our commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence


nHere at TJs Tractor we provide professional repairs at affordable prices. Our technicians are factory trained and we  use the highest quality parts including  WIX filters of all kinds.  We strive to get machines back in working order as soon as possible  while maintaining the quality we have become known for.

Services we provide

Our commitment to excellence

Our commitment to excellence


We work on all brands of compact tractors and riding mowers. Our services for your equipment range anywhere from a simple service  to complete engine and transmission rebuilds. Mowers we do belt replacements, deck rebuilds, custom welding, tires, wheels. We do everything. Tractors, we specialize in clutch replacements, engine rebuilds along with all other tractor needs.


Our commitment to excellence

Tracy (T.J) Lockhart, Owner


This section we will try and answer the most frequently asked questions. 

Q. Why do I need to change my mowers engine oil every season?

A. Riding mowers and walkbehind mowers should have the oil changed at least once per year because these engines are mostly air cooled and rely on the oil for keeping the engine cool. When the oil is left for a long time without being changed it starts breaking down causing the engine to run hot.

Q. When should I change the spark plugs in my mower?

 A.You should change your spark plugs at least once a year,preferably before the season starts. Spark plugs like every wear item have a shelf live per say and after being ran for a long time the engine will start burning more fuel because the plug will wear out. By changing your spark plugs once a year your mower will burn fuel more efficiently thus cutting better

Q. When should I replace my air filter?

A. Air filters in equipment should be changed at least once a year. The air filters bring in and filter the air your machine uses to mix with the fuel and create power. Should the filter get wet or dirty it than restricts the air getting into the motor causing it to use way more fuel than normal.

Q. Is tire pressure important?

A. Yes especially if you want an evenly cut lawn. Most riding mowers rely on the correct air pressure in the tires to maintain a level cut. This plus keeping your mower deck leveled gives you a nice evenly cut lawn that looks beautiful for all to enjoy.

Feel free to call us with your questions. We are here to help and no question is too much for us.

Tracy (T.J) Lockhart, Owner

Tracy (T.J) Lockhart, Owner

Tracy (T.J) Lockhart, Owner


I started my career in 1995, working for a small John Deere dealer in Clackamas, Ore. We were the only Pacific NW Golf and Turf distributor for John Deere. I started as a driver, delivering and picking up tractors, mowers and golf course equipment.  After a couple years my boss found out that I had mechanical skills and asked if I wanted to become a technician. I started by building riding mowers and tractors from the crate. Soon after I was working on customers equipment. I went to numerous tech schools while working there and eventually left for another company to run their tractor shop for them. There is where I went to John Deere University and earned my Master Technician Certification. Throughout my career I have worked on  many different machines and different brands of eguipment. I used all the experience I learned plus my schooling to create TJs Tractor Service to help people save money on what are normally costly repairs. 

Travis Shelton, Technician

Tracy (T.J) Lockhart, Owner

Travis Shelton, Technician


Travis came to me in early 2019. He currently is a senior at Hockinson High School, where he attended Vancouver Skills Centers Diesel Tech Program. He graduates in 2020. I took a chance on Travis not knowing a lot about him and I must admit Travis has been a wonderful addition. His willing to learn, attention to detail and work ethic are top notch. If I were to describe Travis I would say he is a young guy with an old school metality. In his spare time he has been rebuilding his 1975 Datsun 620 pickup into 1 the best old school rat rods I have seen. He is an avid hot rodder and attends a lot of car shows around the Pacific Northwest. In addition he also races at Woodburn Drag Strip. He has a wonderful girlfriend who supports his crazy life. Travis has been a great addition to the TJs Tractor Service family and I am proud to have him work for me.

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